Notes HD Notes HD for iPad

Getting started

New notebook

Open Notes HD and create your first notes by tapping “+” in the left upper corner and choosing “Create new” in the opened menu. Give a name to your new Notebook.

Import from Dropbox

Tap “+” in the left upper corner and choose “Copy from Dropbox”. If you download from Dropbox for the first time, you will have to input your login and password for your Dropbox account. If Dropbox app is set up on your iPad, allow Notes HD to have an access to it. After that choose a document you need from the documents list.

Controls on the page

On the left (portrait mode) or on the upper (landscape mode) panel of your notebook you will find the following controls:

  1. Page manager
  2. Settings
  3. Read only mode
  4. Insert image
  5. Page background
  6. Home

Please notice that the "Settings" button contains a few functions. Tap it if you want to:
- turn on/off "Always in Portrait" mode,
- start or stop collaboration,
- turn on/off voice control for changing tools with voice commands,
- export the page.


There are drawing tools, palettes, cutting knife to copy and insert, rulers and word processing in the tools drawer. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to drag it out.


Pinch two fingers to turn on fullscreen mode. Pinch two finger to zoom in and out while in fullscreen mode. To navigate when in zoom, scroll by using two fingers.

Undo and Redo

You can go back to any previous stage of your work by moving a slider . Every dot in line represents one of your actions: typing, handwriting, drawing and etc.

Word processing


Tap on the tools panel to open the keyboard. Tap anywhere on the screen where you want to have your text and start typing. To make changes in the typed text, tap it in the needed place.

Text blocks

Format text easily by dragging grey dashed lines to the right/left from the text. To move a text block, just tap it and drag to the proper place. Use context menu to divide text into separate blocks. Context menu will appear if you hold a cursor for a few seconds in the spot of separation.


Customize font, size and color by tapping button on the keyboard. Use predefined styles for quick formatting the whole text or just its parts. Create your own styles.

Customize style

To edit the list of styles, drag it down and let go. You can add, delete or edit any of the styles in the list.


Handwriting notes

Handwritings notes are easier to take than to type a text. Use them for writing down your ideas, add to your drawings and sketches. Increase your productivity.

Wrist protection

Wrist protection is turned on automatically. Please, turn off Multitasking Gestures on your iPad for better productivity. It can be done in the iPad Settings: General section, Multitasking Gestures.

To customize wrist protection, go to the iPad Settings, find Notes HD and choose the wrist position that fits you.

Quick Zoom

Quick Zoom makes handwriting comfortable and neat. Tap anywhere on the page and hold to activate Quick Zoom. Start writing in the opened field. You can move the field dragging it across the page. To undo Quick Zoom, tap outside the field.

Drawings and Sketches

Drawing tools

Discover all necessary tools for creating beautiful drawings and sketches. Pen, Pencil, Felt Pen, Fountain Pen, Brush and 8 color palettes.


Universal tool. Take handwriting notes, draw sketches.


Indispensable writing instrument and art medium. Works best for sketches, charts and notes.

Felt-Tip Pen

Draw bold and bright lines for your sketches, charts, headlines, etc.

Fountain Pen

Draw amazingly live lines with variable thickness.


Mix colors and draw rich, colorful images.


Color objects on your sketches, write headlines and highlight your notes.


Swipe up the tools panel and find palettes. To switch between palettes, scroll them up and down.

Copy and Paste

Open the tools panel. Choose the cutting knife. Circle around the image you want to move. Tap the center of the selected area, and holding it move to the needed place. If you want to make a copy, tap the center of the selected area and choose “Copy”. To insert copied image, tap once in the proper place, on the chosen page.

Stencils and Rulers

Working with stencils and rulers

Use rulers to draw straight lines, measure in inches or centimeters and identify angles. Stencils will help you draw various shapes and figures. Tap a ruler icon on the tools panel. Rotate and move the ruler with two fingers. To resize it, pinch two fingers. Choose the right tool (pen, pencil) and draw a line on the border of the ruler. To select other ruler or stencil, scroll them up and down. If you want to draw a certain shape, start painting over inside the stencil. For outline, just draw a line on the border of the stencil shape.

Classic Ruler

Draw straight lines and measure distances

Triangular Ruler

Draw straight lines, construct 45 or 90 degree angles, and measure in inches and centimeters.

Protractor, 180 Degree

Identify angles, draw circles, and measure in inches and centimeters.


Draw schemes of figures with this simple beautiful stencil

Alphabet Stencil

Draw beautiful latin letters with a resizable stencil.


Draw numbers with a resizable stencil.

Animals of the Jungle

Draw various animals with a single move of your hand.

Fish and Underwater

Enjoy drawing mysterious sea creatures.

Toy Soldiers

Draw toy solders, tanks, battleships and more.


Design perfect UI for smartphone apps with ease.


Professional tool for designing and documenting complex processes or algorithms.

User Flow

Create user flow diagrams for your website, application, or any other product.


Use this stencil to add icons to any of your designs.

French Curve

Draw smooth curves with the original Burmester French curve.

Chess Stencil

Perfect tool for drawing chess game positions.


Choosing type of paper

Start from choosing the type of paper that fits your purpose: ruled - for notes, plain - for business proposals and drawings, specially graphed - for day schedule or to-do lists. Use extra sets of templates for specific tasks (see below). Multiple types of paper in the same notebook are supported.

Simple Paper

Plain, Graph, Narrow Graph, Ruled, Wide Ruled, Ruled with Margin, Ruled in Landscape.

Tasks and Time Paper

To-Do List, Shopping List, Day Planner, Week Planner, Prioritized Task List.

Design Paper

Engineering 5x5, 10x10, Dots Narrow, Dots Wide, Blueprint, Blueprint Graph.

Games Paper

Tic-tac-toe, Battleship, Hangman, Chess.

Sports Paper

Basketball, Soccer, American Football, Ice Hockey.

Developer Paper

Perfect collection for app UI design: Phone, Phone Storyboard, Tablet, Desktop, and Icon.

Annotate PDF

PDF import

To import PDF document from email, the web or another app to Notes HD, use “Open in”. Tap the PDF to preview, then select “Open in”.

Annotation techniques

All tools of the app can be used for annotation: pen - for handwritten comments, highlighter - for marking up important sentences, felt pen - for running through needless phrases.

Collaborate on several devices

Work on mutual projects with your friends and partners on several devices simultaneously using Bluetooth or WiFi.

First, turn on Bluetooth or connect your devices to the same WiFi net. Then choose the way to start collaboration:

1. On the Home page, tap the "Collaboration" button.

2. In the open notebook tap the "Settings" button, then select "Collaboration".

Once you’ve opened the Collaboration form you can either tap "Start new collaboration" or join the existing connection.

When you're successfully connected with your friends start working on the mutual document. Write, type, sketch and draw together!

To stop collaboration, tap "Settings", "Collaboration", then tap "Stop collaboration".

Manage Documents

Unique Covers

If you want to create an original notebook cover, choose a picture from the photo library in the end of cover templates row. Give the picture needed scale and position. Save the cover and tap “Done”.


Create folders for better organization of your notes. Tap “Edit”, then choose a notebook and drag it over another one. Type a name for the new folder.

Page management

If you need to work with pages (change the order, export, delete and etc.), always start with tapping “Page Manager” tab. If you want to change the page order inside a notebook, hold a chosen page for a second and drag it to the needed place. To duplicate, delete or export separate pages, tap “Edit”, then select pages and tap the proper tab on the upper panel.

Bookmarks and tags

Tap once to bookmark a page. Tap once more to add tags.

Share and Print

Export of the opened page

Tap "Share" button on the page controls panel to share the current page as a document (PDF) or a image file (PNG). See the screenshot below.

Export of a few pages

Tap “Page Manager”, tap “Edit”, select pages and tap “Share” button on the top panel. You can email these pages, save to Photo Library or save to Dropbox. Pay attention, that you can send only ONE page to Twitter at once.

You can print the pages you select as well. Tap “Page Manager”, tap “Edit”, select pages and tap “Share” button on the top panel.Tap “Edit”, select pages and tap “Share” button. Then select PDF format and choose "Print". See the screenshot below.

Notebooks export

You can export whole notebooks. Tap “Edit”, select notebooks and tap “Share” button. Then select file format for exporting - PDF or Notes HD and choose: email or save to Dropbox/iTunes. Pay attention that “Open in” cannot be used if there are several notebooks selected.

You can print whole notebooks as well. Tap “Edit”, select notebooks and tap “Share” button. Then select PDF format and choose "Print". See the screenshot below.


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