Notes HD for Mac Notes HD for Mac

Powerful notebook for all your notes

Typing, Handwriting, PDF annotation, Sketching and Drawing - all in ONE app

Notes HD for Mac

Text, images and simple drawings

Take simple notes combining them with photos or pictures from your library and colorful comments made by highlighter, pen or brush of various sizes.

Focus on your ideas while the word processing will be just a pleasure: font, size and color can be customized; use predefined styles for quick formatting; spelling is checked automatically. Rearrange the order of your pages and add tags for better organization of your notes.

PDF annotation

Annotate documents in PDF format - draw beautiful straight lines by using shift-click. Or! Look through the documents you filled out or signed using Notes HD for iPad. Simply back up your documents to Dropbox. The app will keep them all organized and ready for sharing any time on on all your devices.

Works great with iPad

Expand the capabilities provided by Notes HD for iPad. Connect your iPad to Mac for drawing sophisticated pictures with ease and convenience. Make sure both devices are connected to the same wifi network.


Notes HD for iPad

Notes HD for Mac