Notes HD for iPad Notes HD for iPad

Powerful notebook for all your notes

Typing, Handwriting, PDF annotation, Sketching and Drawing - all in ONE app

Notes HD for iPad

Easy as paper notebook

Each element reminds you of real objects. Start from choosing the type of paper that fits your purpose: ruled - for notes, plain - for business proposals and drawings, specially graphed - for day schedule or to-do lists. Turn pages with a swipe just like you used to in paper notebooks. Tap the red strip on top of the screen to make it your bookmark on the page. Find the drawer at the bottom - just swipe it up - to use a magic writing kit with plenty of remarkable tools for notes taking.

Word processing

Type and make handwritten notes while staying in the same app. There are no more boundaries, just place a text anywhere on the screen. There are no more annoying “typing boxes”, which you should deal with. Customize font, size, color and other settings in the familiar manner. The additional keys on the keyboard will help you type even faster, automatic check-spelling will save you from mistakes. Add photos and handwritten comments to add an informal touch to your serious papers or simply help you make beautiful documents. Learn more

Handwriting notes

Put your hand on the screen and don’t worry about accident touches - our advanced wrist protection technology will take care of it. Handwriting has never been easier. Use a stylus or write with your finger - your digital handwriting will match the one you have on regular paper. Just tap and hold to enable Quick zoom for writing beautiful normal-size letters. Learn more

Drawings and Sketches

Discover all necessary tools for creating beautiful drawings and sketches. Pen, Pencil, Felt Pen, Brush and 8 wonderful palettes will help to manifest your bravest ideas, no matter how complex the drawing might be. Try the clear Brush strokes that make your pictures look natural, use thin and elegant lines of the Pencil, draw the tiniest details with easily used Quick zoom. Use the handy slider - the undo feature - to go back in time through your previous changes. Just enjoy your drawings without thinking about techniques. Learn more

Stencils and Rulers

Enhance your ability to create professionally looking diagrams and sophisticated drawings. Unique set of stencils and rulers was created to simplify the drawing process. Use our stencils and rulers as if they were real life objects: move them across the page and rotate. Just pinch to resize. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to construct an angle or to build a structured marketing plan. Draw various shapes and figures with a single move of your hand. Use stencils to make your documents look outstanding. Learn more

PDF annotation

Use one tool to work with all your papers. Open PDF documents right from Safari, Mail or Dropbox. Use a variety of colors to highlight and underline different items, add handwritten comments and save those changes to PDF format and keep forever. No more wasting piles of paper. No more loosing highlighted sheets. Simply back up your documents to Dropbox. The app will keep them all organized and ready for sharing any time.

Original covers

Create individuality in every step. Not only does the app allow to create powerful inside contents, but also it allows to shape an individual notebook cover. Draw beautiful images and put your favorite photos into the front of your notebooks, creating special mood right from the start. Or you may always choose any from a number of wonderful cover templates offered in the app.

Works great with Mac

Expand the capabilities provided by Notes HD for Mac. Connect your iPad to Mac for drawing sophisticated pictures with ease and convenience. Make sure both devices are connected to the same wifi network.

Notes HD for iPad

Notes HD for Mac